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MAXI Rescue Units—
Custom-Fitted For Response Effectiveness!

The second the alarm sounds, emergency responders kick into action. Firefighters prepare to wage a long battle against the fire, ready to risk life and limb to save others.

In the heat of the moment, operators need to be perfectly coordinated. That's when rescue units come into play. They're key elements to a successful response. Manufactured and outfitted to your specifications, MAXI rescue units can also serve as

  • A command post to ensure centralized communications
  • A rest area where firefighters can catch their breath
  • A small kitchen providing firefighters in action with an opportunity to refuel
  • An area for storing a change of clothes

During emergencies, firefighters need fast access to the equipment they need and a specially outfitted area where they can safely rest.

Look to MAXIMETAL to build your next rescue unit to your specifications and the highest quality standards in the industry.

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