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The MAXI VIO, a real success!

First introduced at the Quebec Fire Chief Convention in May 2010, MAXIMETAL just reached the mark of 50 MAXI VIO fire trucks delivered!

The VIO concept, entirely developped by the dynamic MAXIMETAL team, has proven itself. It fully meets the needs of today’s fire services that want more storage room and safer and more efficient fire trucks. This is exactly what the MAXI VIO brings them!

MAXIMETAL will continue to promote this concept to its Canadian market.

The main feature of this concept is a very low and ultra narrow pumphouse that allows up to 35 cubic feet of additional storage room, while enjoying a powerful 1250 or 1500 gpm pump.

Furthermore, this concept is safer than conventional pumphouse; the pump operator is isolated from the hoses and the crosslays are accessible with both feet on the ground.

This versatile concept is available with manual or electric valves; with or without foam; with a conventional foam system or CAFS; stationary or pump and roll mode; on a pumper or pumper-tanker truck; on any chassis, commercial or custom.

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Here is a great example of a MAXI VIO!

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