Fire apparatusMAXIMETAL Design features

Under its MAXI Fire brand, MAXIMETAL has specialized in the design and manufacture of custom-fitted fire trucks since 1983. MAXIMETAL builds
high-quality, fully-formed-and-welded bodies that resist corrosion better than extrusion bodies. Our experience building for the Canadian winter,
along with painstaking attention to detail of a dedicated staff that includes many firefighters, ensures you will receive an apparatus built for a lifetime
of service in the harshest conditions.

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Fully formed & welded bodies

Fully formed & welded bodies

MAXIMETAL uses state-of-the-art precision laser-cutting and CNC bending equipment to cut and form our parts from 5052-H32 marine grade aluminum and 6061-T6/6063-T5 for aluminum-extrusion subframes. A combination of MIG and TIG welding are used to craft our bodies in such a way as to resist corrosion and remain structurally sound over a lifetime of service in the harshest winter environments.

Best-in-class corrosion protection

Best-in-class corrosion protection

In the 37+ years that we’ve been building trucks for Canada’s harshest, saltiest winter roads we’ve learned a thing or two about fighting corrosion. Details that matter:

  • Precision laser-cut parts ensuring tight bonds between parts and accessories to eliminate corrosion entry points
  • Silicone sealer on all joints, inside and out to eliminate corrosion entry points.
  • Sweep-out design to ensure no water infiltrates the compartments
  • Mil-spec waterborne corrosion control coatings under our bodies and subframe
  • Industry best pratcices for paint and finsh process
Paragon Paragon™ - Narrow pumphouse

Paragon™ - Narrow pumphouse

Launched by MAXIMETAL as the VIO in 2010, the Paragon™  was the first reduced-footprint pumphouse design in North America using a split-shaft pump.  Since then it has been often copied but never equaled…   The Paragon™ configuration allows for optimized operational safety, compartment storage and overall apparatus versatility. Here are some key benefits of this design:

Safer Pump Operations
In a standard configuration we find all the plumbing, intakes and discharges within the pumphouse and the pump controls are laid out surrounding them on the panel. Pump operators must navigate such obstacles as connected suction & discharge hoses and external pump components while using & monitoring the controls.

The Paragon™ configuration isolates the control panel from the connected hoses, allowing for a safe environment for the operator while leaving room for firefighters to work the hose connections without getting in the operator’s way.

Better Firefighter Ergonomics
Strategic design initiatives were made to ensure the pump controls are at an ergonomic height for the operator. Access to connected discharges and inlets are also optimized, located at a height between the average firefighters’ knees and chest.

Shouldering preconnected hose loads has never been easier or safer thanks to speedlays located just 65” off the ground, just above the firefighter’s chest. No climbing the truck to grab a line – the rapid attack can begin with both feet planted firmly on the ground and this from either side of the apparatus.

Enclosed Pump Operation Control Panel
In the side-mount Paragon™ configuration, the pump operation control panel is enclosed in the 1st driver’s side compartment to keep it clean, dry and free of road grime.

Manual controls are located ergonomically and are neatly laid out to be easy to see and simple to use.

Master gauges, governor, foam system and any other system monitors based on your selected options are conveniently located at eye-level.

More Compartment Space and Shorter Wheelbase
The MAXIMETAL Paragon™ configuration can add up to 27 cu. ft. of additional compartment space to the apparatus by gaining a transverse storage compartment above the pumphouse as well as a significant addition to the 1st passenger’s side compartment. The condensed pump area also shortens the wheelbase, allowing for improved turning radius.

Up to 2250 US GPM of Performance
MAXIMETAL is proud to be the only apparatus manufacturer offering up to 2250 US GPM of performance in a low-profile pumphouse design. The Paragon™ configuration has an extensive line-up of options from several pump manufacturers including both split-shaft pump models as well as stationary or pump-in-motion PTO pumps.

Available in both MAXI Saber custom-chassis and Maxi commercial-chassis apparatus in multiple configurations.
Whether in the market for a custom-chassis fire apparatus or a commercial-chassis truck, top-mount or side-mount controls, rural pumper-tanker or wildland-urban interface, MAXIMETAL has the Paragon™ solution for your fire department. Contact us today for more information.

Titan Titan™ - Equipment rack

Titan™ - Equipment rack

In continuous production at MAXIMETAL since the late 1980’s, this in-house-designed hydraulic equipment rack is unique in the marketplace, providing the following features:

750 LBS Capacity
With its dual hydraulic cylinder system the Titan™ rack can carry up to 750lbs of equipment on the same side of your apparatus.

Multiple Available Configurations
The rack can be specified in several configurations for different kinds of equipment in addition to ground ladders and hard-suction:

  • 3-section ladders
  • Enclosed portable tank compartment
  • Backboards/stokes baskets
  • Suction hoses

Furthermore, the Titan™ rack system can be configured with straight arms that stow the ladders entirely above the hosebed, or as an articulated-arm model that stows the ladders into the side of the hosebed when height restrictions are an issue.

Best-In-Class Ergonomics
The Titan™ rack delivers your stowed equipment to perfectly ergonomic height for dismounting, presenting most of the equipment between k nee and shoulder height. When carrying portable tanks, they will deploy to hip-height for easy carrying by all sizes and ages of firefighter.

More Compartment Space on Tankers
Specifying all your portable equipment on the same side of the truck frees up the other side for full-height compartments, making your apparatus considerably more versatile.

Available in both MAXI Saber custom-chassis and Maxi commercial-chassis apparatus in multiple configurations.
Whether you need to carry a full contingency of ground ladders including a 35ft 3-section or you need to carry portable tank along with your hard-suction and ground ladders, MAXIMETAL has a Titan™  rack solution for your fire department. Contact us today for more information.

Airgo™- SCBA slide-out

Airgo™- SCBA slide-out

Reducing carcinogen exposure is quickly becoming a dominant priority for firefighting operations.

MAXIMETAL is proud to offer the Airgo™ solution to remove SCBA equipment from the crew-cab on rescue pumpers. Combine this option with a Pierce Manufacturing CARE Initiative Clean Cab Saber chassis or a commercial fire chassis with non-SCBA vinyl seats.


  • Heavy-duty 3/16” aluminum construction
  • Convenient flip-down shoulder loading
  • Ultra resistant swivel bearing for table rotation
  • High-quality straps
CMVSS Certified Walk-Through and Crew Seating

CMVSS Certified Walk-Through and Crew Seating

MAXIMETAL has been building bodies with added crew seating for 30 years for fire and utility customers and nothing is more important to us than crew safety. We are proud to provide only CMVSS certified crew seating. We have conducted destructive testing on our seat anchor systems and we have verified our crew cabs to meet ECE R29 and SAE J2422.

Solid warranty protection

Buy your MAXIMETAL-built apparatus with confidence thanks to our available warranties:

  • 1-year bumper to bumper (extended warranty available)
  • 10-year body – structural
  • 10-year stainless-steel plumbing
  • 10-year body paint (prorated)
  • Lifetime on water tanks
  • Up to 7 years on fire pumps