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Our values


F – Faith & pride
…in our capabilities, in our experience and in our potential. Faith in our vision and plans. Pride in our products and our workspace. From the cleanliness of our plant to the smile at our front door, we aim to show our pride in every aspect of our work.

O – Openness
…to listen to our customers and dealers, to try new things, to innovate and challenge the status quo. This is also transparency and integrity in our dealings with our customers, suppliers and business partners. And the openness of our doors to welcome customers and dealers from the four corners of North America for visits, meetings and inspections.

R – Respect
…for our employees and their contribution, for our customers and their experience, for our suppliers and business partners for all they do to support our progress as a company.

C – Courage
…to innovate and challenge the status quo, to change and grow and to re-evaluate and adjust our plans. We also ask our employees to have the courage to speak up if they see something we could be doing better. And most importantly courage is the foundation of integrate, which is key to our culture.

E – Endurance
… to stay with it, to see it through and to make sure changes and adjustments stand over time. The endurance to continue to re-assess and adapt our vision and plan through both the good and the more challenging times that all businesses face.

Our team

MAXIMETAL counts on over 85 skilled and dedicated men and women who come to work every day united around our company’s values to build the best equipment we can. We are especially proud of our extremely low turnover with an average employee age of 45 years and an average seniority of 11 years.

This ensures a continuing consolidation of experience acquired with each unit that rolls out our doors.

Fire trucks designed by fire fighters, built by fire fighters, for fire fighters. We are also proud to count many part-time and volunteer firefighters amongst our employees. MAXIMETAL provides a flexible schedule that allows these team members to fulfill their duty to our communities when its their turn to be on call. Their valued input is one of the most important parts of every MAXI Fire truck, assuring your team safe and effective operations.

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Our customer experience

The MAXIMETAL customer experience is consciously thought out to be as human and personalized as possible while ensuring our corporate values are reflected in every step. Our dealers and customers are our priority and we work daily to make sure they are at the center of our decisions and progress as a company.

As a MAXIMETAL customer you can expect to be treated with great respect, professionalism, hospitality and an open mind to help develop your project ensuring your needs are met. From the project development phase through the pre-construction meeting, on to the final delivery and after-sales service, a MAXIMETAL customer will feel that they are the center of what we do.

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Our quality

ISO9001-2015 CERTIFICATION – ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for a quality management system based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. For more information on ISO9001.

UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES OF CANADA (ULC) – ULC is an independent product safety testing, certification and inspection organization. MAXIMETAL uses the services of ULC for third-party testing to certify that your fire apparatus meets your performance requirements. For more info on ULC.

Our history

Where many companies attribute their growth to acquisitions & mergers or sudden leaps into new markets, MAXIMETAL’s history stands apart from many companies in that our growth has been slow, steady and organic throughout. The company has grown one step at a time, through the determined development of our expertise, of our team and of our markets.

Founded by M. Claude Gendron in 1983 in Saint-Georges, Québec, MAXIMETAL has been delivering optimized intervention vehicles to utility fleets and fire services with an outstanding reputation for quality and service.

When Mr. Gendron passed away in 2009, his family entrusted MAXIMETAL’s legacy to three new owners including Danny Dufour, who became sole proprietor in 2016.

From 2010 through 2015 , MAXIMETAL branched out to customers in the Canadian provinces of Alberta & New Brunswick as well as international export contracts. This period also saw MAXIMETAL invest in innovation and engineering, re-working the factory layout and increasing its capacity to meet growing demand. For example, MAXIMETAL designed and delivered 8 highly specialized firefighting apparatus geared for the oil-field industry.

In 2015 MAXIMETAL embarked on a new chapter, signing an exclusive agreement to build trucks in collaboration with one of the world’s largest fire truck manufacturers, Pierce Manufacturing. Pierce’s recognition of our quality and company values through this partnership has opened doors to a dealer network across North America.

As of 2020/2021, MAXIMETAL trucks can be found serving communities from Colorado to Quebec, from Utah and Wyoming to upstate New York and Michigan, from West Virginia to Prince George BC by way of Nunavut, the Yukon, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Stay tuned as we continue to write the next chapters of our history!


« Our experience with Maxi was one of a kind, highly recommendable. great people, great product and exemplary management. Having team members who are firefighters and understand the industry is advantageous to the buyer, and the fact that the company supports their members who are currently firefighters is beyond admirable and just all the more reason to support your business as industry professionals. We strongly hope to work with Maxi in the future above ALL OTHER local manufacturers. We can’t thank your team enough for the work put into our project and overall service provided. Your team’s patience and understanding are unmatched bar-none. »

Fire Chief Daryl Price, Hoyt Fire Department
New Brunswick, Canada