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Utility Trailers, Built to Last

MAXIMETAL designs and manufactures heavy-duty custom utility trailers under its MAXI Utility brand. No need for a custom-built truck—just hook up your mobile workshop trailer to your own truck, and you're in business. Much more than an alternative, it's a turnkey solution: flexible, reliable, and sturdy.

When you choose MAXI mobile workshop trailers, you get

  • A mobile workstation with all the equipment needed to maximize work team performance
  • A tool with the same workspace area as a mobile workshop
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Custom outfitting to meet your specific requirements, no prefabricated trailer units
  • Renowned cutting edge expertise
  • An experienced team offering solutions that go beyond your requirements
  • An integrated product, manufactured from start to finish under one roof
  • No surprises—you get the product you ordered, at the price you expect, in the timeframe agreed upon
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