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Name : MAXI Top Mount Enclosed
Truck type :
Water tank : 1000 to 1200 gallons (840 to 1000 imp. gallons)
Foam tank : 21 gallons (25 imp. gallons)
Number of units built : 3
Foam injection pump : FoamPro 2001
Chassis : Freightliner
Motor : Cummins L9-350
Pump : Hale RSD125 (pump and roll)
Type of foam system : Injection
Features :

4 BOSTROM SCBA setas in the crew cab

Very low speedlays, 64" from the ground

Crew cab transversal control panel

Narrow pump that allow more than 205 "usable" cubic feet of encclosed compartments in addition of the pike pole compartment.

6 slide-out trays and 8 shelves


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