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Our Trucks For Sale Are There When You Need Them!

Your truck is out of service? Need a replacement truck quickly? Check our trucks available for sale now!

Contact Philippe Thibodeau by phone at 418-228-6294, ext. 234 or by email at

Truck type :
Water tank : N/A
Foam tank : N/A
Number of units built : 1
Foam injection pump : N/A
Chassis : Ford E-450
Motor : Triton V10-305HP
Pump : N/A
Type of foam system : N/A
Features :
  • 14.5 feet walk-in aluminum body

  • 2 SCBA seats in the body, CMVSS compliant

  • Fiber glass cab raiser, CMVSS compliant

  • 12 individual gear compartments

  • Working table with window

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